Hello World

It’s been a long time since I wanted to start my own blog and write about the things I learned, love, hate, … in tech. However, I never managed to bring myself to take the plunge and literally write the next chapter(s) of my life :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: As you now can see, I finally managed to write my first lines and put them out there.

The big question, I asked myself beforehand, was where to host my blog. The most obvious decision would have been to host it on one of the already available services out there. But sadly I rarely decide to go the most obvious and easiest way :anguished:. As my background is systems and software engineering and as I like to set up and run things on my own, I finally decided to host it in my apartment. This was for me a very good decision, so I could learn a lot along the way and otherwise I would most likely still procrastinate, by asking myself what would be a good first blog post.

Hosting a blog on my own and especially in my apartment brings some challenges that one has to overcome. Therefore, I decided to get started by writing about my journey and the things I learned along the way. I hope you will enjoy my blog and learn something while reading.